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Procedure: External academic placement Print

The external academic placement can be carried out in companies, public and pprivate institutions and organizations, national or international scope, as well as at the university. They are governed by an agreement for educational cooperation. There are different  procedures to perform these placement, depending on the type of placement:
Previous information
The placement can by carried out by students enrolled in:
  • 1st and 2nd cycle and bachelor's degrees, and by the sart of the agreement have passed 50% of the credits of the degree
  • 2nd cycle and master's degrees and have passed the selection phase or 15 ECTS in the case of masters studies.

It is compulsory to have a school insurance.

The placements can be:
  • Curricular and Extracurricular
  • National and International

The typology of the placements that can be carried out by the students is associated to the degree:
  • Bachelor and master's degrees *: Extracurricular and curricular placements
  • 1st and/or 2nd cycle and master's degrees: extracurricular placements
There is a maximum number of hours that can de dedicated to the realization of these placements:
  • 900 hours per academic year
  • 1800 hours for the bachelor's degree, 1200 hours for the master's degree



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More information

Guide for curricular placements

Academic and administrative calendars
  Remember that the procedure for curricular and extracurricular placements is different.

Offer of the internship
Students can search by its own means or can check offers at the "Borsa de pràctiques Externes de l'ESTEIB".

Models: to formalise the placement agreement the student must hand in the following documents to the SIAE, signed by both parties:

1.- Placement agreement between university and companies (3 copies)

2.- For curricular placements: Request for curricular placement
     For extracurricular placements: Formation project

At the end of the agreement the student must hand in the Annex II and the Annex III.

IMPORTANT: The agreement must by processed at least one week before the start date.

(only curriculars)
It is compulsory to enrol the corresponding course to the placement from e-secretaria befor carrying them out. For more information check the procedure refeering to registration. 


For curricular placements:
The credits will be introduced in the academic recordos créditos se incluirán en el expediente académico
once delivered and defended the final work practices.

For extracurricular placements:
- 1st and 2nd cycle and master's degrees:
the hours dedicated to the placement can be recognised as elective credits (ALE's). It is compulsory to fulfill the request at SIAE
in the specific periods marked in the administrative calendar

- Bachelor's and master's degrees: the hours dedicated to the placement cannot be introduced in the academic record, but they can be introduced in the European Supplement to the Degree (ESD).

Evaluation The student is avaluated according to the report issued by the tutor about the placement, according to specific ETSEIB guidelines. The rules for the evaluation of the external academic placements are the same as for the evaluation of an academic course.
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