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Master's Thesis (MT): Topic Print


Topic of the MT
fletxa_dreta Registration fletxa_dreta


fletxa_dreta Designation of the tribunal fletxa_dreta


fletxa_dreta Presentation and defense fletxa_dreta Qualification

Decision of the topic
The students must look for a topic for the Master's Thesis and can do it:
  • Checking the proposal of MT carried out by the ETSEIB in the Projects and Work Bureau.
  • The students can propose topics and contact the Professor who will be the director. In the case the MT is developed in a company, it must be agreed with a Professor of the Master's who will act as the rapporteur.
  • The MT can also be developed within the mobility program.

Development With the topic chosen and the director or rapporteur assigned, the students must develop their MT taking into account that it must adjust to the Regulation which the ETSEIB will establish for the MT.

Information of the MT


Calendar MT

More information

Procedure: "Enrolment and related procedures"



Resources for the MT

Guidelines for the elaboration of the MT

Templates Cover and CDs

Guide: Environmental considerations

Legislation: About the environmental impact of the projects; About the occupational health and safety; International Unit System/ BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado, Thursday March 21st 2010)

Additional information:
Servei de Propietat Intel·lectual (SEPI); Oficina de Patents i Llicències UPC