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Master's Thesis: Enrolment Print


Topic of the MT fletxa_dreta Registration


fletxa_dreta Designation of the tribunal fletxa_dreta


fletxa_dreta Presentation and defense fletxa_dreta Qualification


The students must enrol the MT by e-Secretaria.

The MT can always be enroled as long as the pending courses are enroled, being 36 (including the MT credits) the maximum credits to be enroled.

Students with MT registered and accepted  by the Director or Rapporteur enroll in a generic group. This registration can be done at regular registration periods.

Students who not registered MT in regular enrollment periods may request enrollment later when  the register be accepted by the Director or TFM Rapporteur.

If the defense is not carried out in the semester in which the MT has been enroled, the SIAE will do a new enrolment for the following semester only paying the amount of the administrative costs. the fact that this enrolment has been carried out will be notified to the students e-mail address and the student will be able to pay the amount in the section of the e-secretaria "Sheets and Payments".

Information of the MT

Regulation of the MT


 MT calendar 2014-15

More information

Procedure: "Enrolment and related procedures

Academic and administrative calendar

Resources for the MT

Guidelines for the elaboration of the MT

Templates Cover and CDs

Guideline: Environmental considerations

Legislation: About the environmental impact of projects; About the occupational health and safety; International Unit System/ BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado, Thursday January 21st 2010)

Additional information: Servei de Propietat Intel·lectual (SEPI); Oficina de Patents i Llicències UPC