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Master's Thesis: Delivery Print


Topic of the MT fletxa_dreta Registration fletxa_dreta



Designation of the tribunal

fletxa_dreta Delivery fletxa_dreta Presentation and defense fletxa_dreta Qualification


The TFM have to be delivered to the director/tutor, and it will be uploaded on the intranet application Intranet de Projectes by the same director/ tutor as well.

It's not necessary to delivery any copy in CD or paper

By default all the TFM submitted and approved has to be published in UPCommons, except those who have a confidentiality agreement ( it must be signed by the director of TFM ).

If the student does not want to publish their work in UPCommons , It is compulsory to attach the authorization form to the publication.

All works that has not been submitted on the period established in the official calendar, will be deemed extraordinary call.

Information of the MT

Regulation of the MT

MT calendar 2014-15

Delivery report

Authorisation formulary for the publication of the End of Degree Project/MT

Authorization to disseminate copyrighted academic works (english)

More information

Procedure: "Enrolment and related procedures

Procedures: "Recognition of the free elective credits - ALE's (in the 1st and 2nd cycle)"

Academic and administrative calendar

Recursos per als TFM's

 Guidelines for the elaboration of the MT

Templates Cover and CDs

 Portada TFM Individual

Guide: Environmental considerations

Legislation: About environmental impact of the projects; About occupational health and safety; International Unit System/ BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado, Thursaday January 21st 2010)

Additional information: Servei de Propietat Intel·lectual (SEPI); Oficina de Patents i Llicències UPC