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Master's Thesis: Designation of the tribunal Print


Topic of the MT
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Designation of the tribunal

fletxa_dreta Delivery fletxa_dreta Presentation and defense fletxa_dreta Qualification

Designation and comunication of the tribunal

The designation of the tribunals for the presentations and defenses for each call, as well as the necessary substitute members, is established by the academic commision of the Master's or by the proposal of the director with the approval of the commission.

The SIAE publishes in the web the assignment  of the tribunals (check the links in this webpage), according to the MT calendar.

The president of the tribunal will coordinate the data and place for the presentation and defense of the MT with the vocal, director and/or rapporteur and the student and communicates it to the SIAE.

Characteristics of the tribunal

The tribunal will be formed by the same director or rapporteur and two members of the professors assigned by the School. One of these two members will be related to the department of the director or rapporteur of the MT and will act as the president of the tribunal. The other member will not be related to the department.

Two substitute members will be designated, one of whom will be of the same department as the director or rapporteur and the third will be related to another department.

Information of the MT

Assignation of the MT tribunals

 Regulation of the MT

MT calendar 2014-15

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Academic and administrative calendar